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american flag american flag background american goldfinch american hero american holiday american red squirrel tamiasciurus hudsonicus american robin american society of civil engineers amish amish buggy amish farm amish horse and buggy anas platyrhynchos angry animal animals another another concept antlers in velvet apba racing event aqua arabian arabian horse araibian arch ardea herodias arlington vermont armies of the united states america arrowhead shape art art photo art photograph art photos art portrait art rendition art.. art2 artist artist rendition artist view artistic artistic photograph artistic rendition artistic view artization artsy background ashland wisconsin asian american asian american boy asian american girl asteraceae bartlettina asters atmosphere attractions australia automobiles auttumn autumn autumn afternoon autumn chore autumn foliage autumn leaves autumn olive berries autumn reflections autumn stilllife autumn. azalea b baby baby porcupine back lighting back road back roads back yard bird backbird background san francisco skyline backlighted backlighting backpack backroad backyard backyard animal backyard bird backyard bird bath backyard spring scenic backyardbirds baeolophus bicolor bales bank bark barn barred barred owl strix varia barrel bass bass harbor lighthouse bath bathing bathing dog bathing suits battleship cove bay beach beacon beak bear bear creek guest ranch bear creek ranch beard bearded iris.flower beautiful beautiful autumn day beautiful day beautiful fall day beautiful fall day connecticut beautiful foliage beautiful nature beautiful summer day beauty beauty in nature beaver beaver brook falls wayside. colebrook new hampshire beaver dam beaver lodge beaver marsh beaver pond beaver pond scenic area bee bees belgian draft horse bell bellied bells majestic view bench bench in foreground beneficial benefit show benezette benezette pennsylvania berries best friend bicycle bikini bio diesel locomotive birch birch tree birch trees bird bird house bird house in background bird of prey birds birds on rocks birthplace bison bison cow and calf bituminous black black and white black and white photograph black bear black capped chicadee black freight train black locomotive black moshannon state park black norfolk southern locomotive black poodle black swallowtail blackbird blackeyed blackeyed susans blackfeet nation ancient lore blackfeet nation moument blackfeet reservation blackfeet1 blacktop blacktop road blacky bleeding bleeding heart blond hair bloom blosom blosoms blossom blossoms blowing bubbles blue blue conrail engine blue crab blue heron blue heron fishing blue heron with large fish blue hjeron blue jay.cyanocitta cristata blue light blue skies blue sky blue sky with fluffy white clouds blue skys blue smock. blue water bluebells bluejay blurred background bo boardwalk boardwalkpa boat boat in dry dock boat racing boats boats at anchor boats mountains body of water body water bog bog trail bondin bonding bonding with dog booms borden borden flats lighthouse border border collie boulder with placard boulders bouquet bovine boy boys branta canadensis branta canadensis canada goose branta canadensiscanada goose brassau brassua brassua lake brassua lake maine breasted bridge brig bright bright autumn foliage bright clear day bright foliage bright light bright red bright red leaves bright sun bright sun light bright yellow finch bright yellow leaves bright yellow sunflower bloom brilliant folliage broken broken family brook brooklyn brooklyn connecticut brooklyn ct. brown brown chicken brown ferns brown horse browning montana brushfoot bubble reflections bubbles bubo scandiacus buck buck making noises buck3 bucks buddies buffalo bufo americanus bug buggie buggiy buggy buggy ride bugling buildings bull bull and cow elk bull elk bull elk bugling bull elk with cow bull elk with cows bull with his herd bunting buoy shack burl hump burl seedlings butorides virescens butterflies butterflly butterfly butterfly bush blooms buttonwood farms ca ca. ca. california ca. horizontal stock photo cabin cala calf california california redwoods california sealion california sealions californiia calling out camera camp robber campanula rapunculoides creeping bellflower camping can canada canada geese canada goose canada goose feather canada goslings canada jay canadagoose canadian canadian geese canadian geese family canadian goose canine canine design canine statue canis lupus familiaris canoe canoe with paddles canoeing canoes canterbury canvas cape neddick nubble lighthouse car cardinal cardinalis cardinals career cargill cargill falls putnum connecticut carring camera carrying camera cars castle castle on hill cat cat o nine tails catbird catching catching minnows catfish catninetails ccc celebration cement cemetery central central pa. central pennsylvania central pennsylvaniabeautynaturalbeautiful fall day cervis elaphus cervus caadensis cervus canadensis chair chapman chapman falls chester chesterhadlyme ferry makng way across the connecticut river. chevrolet chicken child child biicycle children chimney chipmonk chipmunk chiselville chiselville covered bridge chiselvlle chittenden mill chocolate chore chrysemys picta chrysemys picta marginata church civilian conservation corp classic clean water clear fall day clear water clearfield pa. cliffs clinging to a log clinging to feeder log clinging to log clinging to tree close up close up view close view closeup closeup view closeup view of head shot closeupstriking postureready to strike clouds cloudy cloudy day cloudy fall day cluster cluster of leaves co coal coal mining coast coastal coastal redwoods cog cog railway coiled colaptes auratus colchester connecticut cold cold day in vermont cold new england winter cold pa. day cold river collage collie color colorful colorful buoys colorful leaves colorful trees colorfull foliage colors columbine columbus coming into flower commerce commercial commerorative stone common common grackle common merganser common reed plant comorant companion competition comstock comstock bridge comstock covered bridge concentrating connecticut connecticut eastern connecticut native connecticut river connecticut state bird connecticut state flower connecticut state forest connecticut state park conservation project contented dog contented horse contentment controlled conditions controlled environment conway new hamshire copper copper falls state park copperhead copperheadagkistrodon contortrixhourglass marking cornish cornishwindsor bridge cornishwindsor covered bridge corom cottontail cottontail rabbit country country fair country road country white church country winter scene countryside cousins covered covered bridge cow cow elk cows crab creek crick crick. crossing crossing river crossing street crowds of people crysantamens ct ct. ct. state park ct.river cuddy cabin curtin curtin village curtin village iron works curtin villiage iron works curve curving road cutting nails cyanocitta cristata cygnus olor cypripedium orchids dabbling duck daffodil daffodile daffodils dairy dairy farm daisies daisy dam dam removal damaged wing dames dames rocket danger dangerous dark blue sky dark storm clouds daughter daylight days days gone by dead dead area dead stump in water dead trees in water december ded area dedication to war heroes deep purple iris deer deer herd one buck three does deerfield river defoliator dejected delicate destructive destructive defoliator devil's hopyard devils hopyard state park dewdrops diablo diesel engines digital art digital art photograph dirt dirt road discussion display displaying tail feathers disrepair distant mountains distilllery dixvil dixville dixville notch docks doe dog dog groomer dog grooming dog on table dog showing love dogs dogsv domestic domestic flower doorway doorway to the past. double double waterfalls dove doves downy downy woodpecker draft draft horse draft horses dragline drainage drawn dreamer dreamy dressage dressed as a knight dressed as a knight in armor drinking driver driveway driving driving buggy driving horse drawn buggy drops drying drying dog drying wings duck duckling ducklings ducks dumetella carolinensis e eagle eagle ironworks at curtin village early fall early fall morning early morning early spring early spring morning early sunlight earning a living earth dam east east glacier east haddam connecticut east side of glacier eastern eastern chipmonk eastern chipmunk eastern connecticut eastern cottontail rabbit eastern ct eastern ct. eastern king bird eastern painted turtle eastern tiger swallowtail eastern tiger swallowtail papilio glaucus linnaeus eastern towhee ecological ecological problem ecological problems edge of pond edible editorial use only egret eight ducklings eight horses in scenic pasture eight point buck elderly elderly man elk elk county elk county pennsylvania elk mountain elk scenic driv elk scenic drive elk6 ellis ellis river end of long hike energy energy source engineer waving his hand engineering feat england engman enhanced enhansed enjoy enjoying enjoying natural wonder enjoying nature enjoying outdoors enjoying outdoors together enjoying time together enjoyment entrance entryway environimental disaster environmental disaster environmental hazard environmental pro environmental problem environmental problems equine equine event equinox equinox mountain erethizon dorsatum erosion control errol new hampshire essex essex connecticut essex montana essex steam train est. 1771 excercise excersize exercise exhibition exploding extreme backlight eyes f face facial expression facial expressions fair faith fal fall fall autumn fall colors reflecting on the water fall day fall foilage fall foliage fall follage fall leaves fall leaves cluster fall leaves on snow fall light reflections fall reflection fall reflections fall river ma. fall. autumn fallen fallen leaves fallen oak leaf falling snow falls families family family dog family transportation famous attraction fans farm farm house farm scenic farming farming valley farmingto farmington river fast flowing waterfall father father and adult son father and children father and daughter father and daughter canoeing. father and son father daughter father son fawn fawns feather feeder feeding feeding on grass feeding on seeds female female business owner female card female cardinal female downy woodpecker female groomer female hairy woodpecker female mallard duck female navigator female owned business female owned small business female wood duck female woodduck ferns ferry ferry boat field filipi filipino america filipino american filipino american boy filipinos filippino african american girl filippino american boy filly finch fine fine art fine art p fine art photo fine art photograph finished groom fire wood stack fireplace first aid first snowstorm first union general killed in civil war aug. 10 fish eagle fish hawk fisher fisher covered 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friends fritillary frog front view frozen river fryberg maine fryeburg maine fryeburg township fu full fun funicular furniture fuzzt feathers fuzzy gaggle gal game park garden garden stillife gardens gate gate house gay city state park gazing gazing at white mountains geese geesefamily geraniums getting out there ghirardelli building giant trees gillette gillette castle girl glacier glacier national park glacier national park montana glacier national parkpark glenn glider gnp go to ground experts goat goat lick gobbler god light going to the sun road gold finch golden golden gate bridge golden light golden retriever goldfinch goldfinch3 goldfinch4 good luck good old days goose goose feather gorge goseling goseling feeding on grass goselings gosling goslings grackle gradywhite grain silo granville grass grass covered fields grass red leaves grass stems grassy foreground gravel gravel road gray gray squirrel great great blue heron great egret ardeidae casmerodus albus great gulf wilderness great horned owl great north country great outdoors great spangled fritillary great spangled fritillary butterfly green green cover green energy green ferns green grass green heron green hills green leaves green light green mountains green water plants greeting grey grey cat bird grey catbird grey jay grey squirrel grey weathered wood fence grist grist mill gristmill griz grizzly grizzly bear groomer grooming grooming salon grosbeak grose grosebeak group group of bright red roses group of butterflies group of flowers group of milkweeds group of people group of tulips grout pond grout pond southern vermont grout pond vermont grout pond.vermont grvel gttsroad guardian guildhall vermont guy guys gypsy gypsy moth gypsy moth caterpillars gypsy vanner gypsy woods farm h istoric h20 haddam connecticut hadlyme hadlyme connecticut hairy hairy woodpecker hampshire hampton connecticut hand drying hand pump happy happy business owner happy expression harbor hard living hard top road hard work hardwood foliage hardwood folliage foreground hardwood forest harem harkness memorial state park harness hawk hay hay field head head and neck profile head piece head shot head study heads only hearding sheep heart hebron connecticut hebron ct. height of the land hells pond hemlock hemlock covered bridge heram herd herd of whitetailed deer herd3 herding a sheep herding sheep heron herr herr's mill covered bridge herrs herrs mill bridge hesperis matronalus high high contrast photo high overlook view high runoff high spirit highway hikers hiking hiking with backpack hist historic historic bridge historic building historic mansion historic old days historic route 169 historic structure historical building historical buildings hiway hob hobbies hobby hol holding a blue crab holding bird hole home homestead homosexuality in wildlife honey bee honeysuckles honor hor horizonal stock photograph horizontal horizontal art photograph horizontal photo horizontal stock art photo 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invasive specie invasive species iris iris flowers iron iron pyrite iron smelt rustysmithphoto iron workers cabin iron works ironmaster isa browns island israel putnam statue jay jericho vermont jerico vermont job john muir homestead john muir national park jonquils jordan jordan pond jousting jousting compititon joy joy and happiness jumping juniper jypsy k9 kalmia latifolia katadin katadin maine kauffman's kauffman's distilllery bridge kayak kayaking kayaks keywords kid kids killed last wolf in connecticut winter 1742 43 kingbird knine kody lady lady relaxing lady slipper orchid ladybug lake lake mcdonald lake of the cloud hut lake sebago maine lake shore lake tobias wildlife park lake waterdark blue lancaster county lancaster pennsylvania landing on water landscape lane large antlers large boulder large boulder reflection large boulders foreground large bull elk large bull elk standing alone large environmental problem. large group of sealions large machine large rocks large rocks foreground large rocks in foreground last late late afternoon late autumn late autumn day late fall late summer day lathered laurel laurel1 lawn laying leaf leaf covered pond leaf covered road leaf on water leafless tr leafless tree learning leaves leaves down leaves on water ledge lfe lick life light light purple light snow lighthouse lighthouse bell lighthouseart lilac lillies lilly lilly pads lillypad lillypads lily lin lin on horse line of empty coal cars lion lite snow cover little girl little ocean waves little river lobster boats lobster shack locomotive locomotive static display log log cabin log feeder lombard street lone lonely lonely boy lonesome lake long long horn long horn cow long life long view longevity longhorn looking looking alert looking alertt looking at camera looking at view looking at wildflower looking cold looking down looking over the fence lost love low clouds low flow low hanging clouds lower lower falls lower six mile run lush green fern lush green ferns on forest floor. lush green grasses lush green hardwoods lycopodium obscurum lymantria dispar lyon macro maine maine coast majestic major general making a living making photographs male male and female male bonding male bright red male downy woodpecker male grosbeak male hairy woodpecker male mallard duck male mounting deer male northern cardinal male pea fowl male wild turkey male wood duck male woodduck male woodduck sculpture males mallard mallard duck mallard duck male wood sculpture mallard duck male woodduck sculpture mallard duck sculpture mallard duck with nine ducklings mallard ducks mallard flapping wings mallards mallardstill mama mamal mammal man man and woman man made reservoir man male. men manchester connecticut manchester vermont manila manila bay mansfield ct mansfield hollow state park mansion mantidae mantis mantodea many many glacier area maple maple leaf maple tree budding marian marine navigation aid marion e brooke natural area marion e. brooke marion e. brooke natural area maritime aid marsh marshall creek pennsylvania martinez california martinez waterfront marys mashapaug lake mates mating mating ritual mcdonald me. meadow meart medicine melanerpes carolinus meleagris gallopavo melting snow memorial men metal chair metal glider middelbury vermont middle aged man middlebury vermont middlebury vt. mile milk milkweed milkweed pod milkweed seeds mill mills mimosa mimosa blossoms mimosa tree mine minimal miniture miniture daffodil mirror missing child mist misty misty overcast light montain biking montana moody moon mooring moose moose1 moose5 mooselookmeguntic mooselookmeguntic lake morgan morgan horse morgan horse farm morgan horse farms morgan horse foals morgan horses morning morning mist morning mountain view new hampshire morning sun mornining fog mose moshannon state forest in western centre county moss covered stump moss glenn falls moth mother mother and calf mother protection mount katadin background mount warshington hotel mount washington mountain mountain bike mountain biking mountain landscape mountain laurel mountain peaks in background mountain range background mountain stream mountain view mountains mountains with flowers in foreground mourning mourning dove mourning doves mt mt diablo mt. mt. diablo mt. equinox mt. katadin maine mt. washington mt.diablo mtkatadin muir national monument muir woods muir woods national monument muir woods national park multi source pollution multipoint pollu museam museum mustard family mute mute swan mysterious mystery mystic connecticut n.w montana names of young men and women nat natchaug natchaug river natchaug state forest natchuag river nath nathaniel lyon birthplace native native american native american guy native americans native rhododendrons natural natural abstract natural area natural areawh natural background natural beauty natural chaos natural light natural setting natural still life natural waterfalls natural world nature nature abstract nature art photograph nature collage nature patterns nature photo nature photography nature portrait nature trail nature.wild natures natures beauty naval maritime museum near philipsburg pa near philipsburg pa. near somerset reservoir. near somerset vermont needles needs repair needs restored negative space neglected nerodias s. sipedon nesting new blossoms new england new england outdoor new growth new hampshire new hampshire white mount new hampshire. new london harbor connecticut nh. nice day nina the pinta and santa maria nine nine point buck no friend no friends non native north stonington fair north western connecticut northern northern bird northern cardial northern cardinal northern flicker northern maine northern new hampshire northern new hapshire northern vermont northern water snakes northfolk southern nostalgic notch nothern cardinal.male nothern flicker nowhere nubble nubble light nubble lighthouse nw oak oak bark observing catfish in a jar occupation ocean ocean spray ocean surf odocoileus virginianus off shore portland head light off the grid old barn old cemetery old course saco river old dam old days old glider old homestead old homestead door old horse retirement farm old mill old mills old red mill old road old steel lawn chair old sticks old stump in pond old wagon wheel old ways old worl old world species older man ominous one adult canadian goose one buck one bull one bull and two cows pa. elk one with nature open open tulip blossom orange orange and white orange butterfly orange color orange coloration orange leaf orchid orchid blossom orchid3 orchids oriental gardens osprey osprey perching ou oudoors out building outdo outdoor outdoor furniture outdoor photographer outdoor photography outdoor r outdoor recreation outdoors outdoorsman outdors outside ove over shot water wheel over shot wheel overcast overcast light overcast with storm clouds overlook overshot wheel overshot wheel gristmill owing water owl owl2 owners oxford county p pa pa. pa. back road pa. transportation pachaug state forest paddling canoes painted painted turtle painting effect pair pair canada geese pair male wood ducks pair mallard ducks pair mourning doves pair of cardinals pandion haliaetus pansies papilio glaucus parent parish park park bench park pond parking area part of elk drive party pasture patriotic patriotism patterns patterns in nature pavo crisatus pbeuticus ludovicianus peaceful peaceful setting peaceful summer day peaceful view peaceful.serenity peacefull peacock pearching peeking up pemaquid light maine pemigewasset river pemiquid pemiquid light maine penn penn valley penn's valley.' penn's view penn. penns penns valley penns valley pa penns valley pa. penns view pennsy pennsylv pennsylvan pennsylvania pennsylvania elk pennsylvania rocky mountain elk pennsylvania state flower pennsylvania.horizontal stock photograph peopl people perched on a limb perched on snowy branch perching perching on branch perching on thistle period dress perisoreus canadensis person pet petunias phalaenopsis orchid pheucticus ludovicianus philippine islands philippino philipsburg philipsburg pa philipsburg pennsylv philipsburg pennsylvania photo equipment photograph photographe photographer photographers photographing photographing freight photography photoman phragmites australis pickerelweed picnic table picoides pubescens picoides villosus pier pier 39 pier 39 san francisco pier california san francisco tourist attraction zalophus californianus sunny day rustysmithphoto vertical stock photo sealions two � editedit keywordsvertical pier thirty nine pier39 piggy backed truck boxes pine pine boughs pine cone clusters pine cones pine forest pines piney pink pink and orange orchid blossoms pink flowers pink hyacinths pink orchid pink orchids symbolize grace pink rose pink sunrise pinus resinosa pipilo erythrophthalmus plant plants playful playground playing pleasure boats plowed fields poconos poecile atricapillus poisonous poisonousvenomarrowhead shape head polluted water way pollution pollution problem pond pondicheery pondicheery wildlife refuge ponds poppies poppy porky portland portland head light portland headlight portland maine portrait posing power power boats powerful prairie praying praying mantis precision driving predator preening feathers preserving redwoods presidential range preteen preteen boy preteens pretty pride princess pine pristeen processing profes profess profession professional pho professional photographer profile profile looking back over shoulder protected nature protecting protecting eggs protection protestant puffy clouds puffy white clouds pulling pumpkins puppy pure pure water purebred purple purple and white iris purple asters purple bluebells purple butterfly bush purple columbine purple flowers purple iris purple orchid putnam putnam connecticut putumn quiet quiet corner quill pig quinbaug quinebaug quinebaug river quiscalus quiscula rabbit racing radio radio tower ragweed railroad railroad track railroad tracks railroad tunnel rails rails to trails railway rain rain drops ram ram island ledge lighthouse range raptor reading sign ready reclaimed strip mine recreation red red and yellow iris red and yellow lillies red barn red bellied woodpecker red belly woodpecker red bushes in foreground red cala flower red cardinal red flower red flowers red jacket red japanese maple tree red leaf red moshannon red oak leaves red pine forest red pine needles red pine plantation red rose red roses red roses with puple flowers red squirrel red suv red tailed hawk red wall red winged blackbird red yellow tulip redbellied woodpecker redspotted purple butterfly rustysmithphoto redwinged redwood redwood trees redwoods refl reflecting reflection reflections regal reinforced riprap relaxing religion religious beliefs rendering rendition replicas reptile resc rescue rescued reservation reservoir resica falls respecting wildlife resting on brown ferns resting on pontoons retired horse farm benefit retired horse farm benefit show revine rho rhoddy rhoddys rhode island shore rhodesian ridgeback rhododendron rhododendron maximum rhody riding riding bicycle riding horse riding ring river river body of water river reflections river stones road road sign robin rock rock walls rocket rocks rocks in foreground rocky rocky maine coast rocky trail rodent rolled hay bales rolling montain range rooftops rose rose breasted grosbeak rose breasted grosebeak pearching rose1 rosebreasted grosbeak roses roses on trellis round round hay bales route route 198 bridge route 2 route 3 route 879 route three rt. 112 rt.16 rt.2 rugged rugged beauty rugged mountains rugged shoreline run runing running running eagle running eagle falls runs rural rural road rush rushing rushing water russell terrier rust smith photograph rustic rusty r smith photo rusty smith photo rusty smith photo. rusty smith photograph rusty smith photography rusty's outdoor photography rustysmith photo rustysmith stock photo rustysmith stock photograph rustysmithphoto rustysmithphotography rutting s saco saco river saco river valley saco valley sad saddle saddled horse sadness safety sages sages ravine sages ravine connecticut sages revine sailboat sailboats salmon river salon salt salt water salt water marsh saltwater dock san francisco san francisco bay san. san. francisco san. francisco bay sandy ridge trail sanfrancisco bay saturated saturated color saturated colors saturated colorsoudoorsmother nature saving environment sc scen scene scene. sceni scenic scenic area scenic autumn view scenic foreground scenic overlook scenic view scenic view from mt. washington scenic view of trout stream scenic view' scenic viewoverlookmountainsvibrant colorsfall foliagered scenic2 scenicfarm scientific name scotland connecticut scratching chin screw auger falls in grafton notch state park sculpture sea sea hawk sea lions seagull sealion sealions sebago secluded seed pod seeded out seedlings seeds self self employed sentinel sentinel pine covered bridge sepia sepia toned sequoia sempervirens serene serenity serenity fall serenityfall setting on a limb setting on log setting sun seven ingraved stones shack shadows shaggy bark sharing a meal sheet shep meadow shetucket shetucket river ship ships shop shore bird shore of lake superior shot show showing showing skills shrouded siberian husky side side saddle siegrist's siegrist's mill bridge sign sign post signage signs silhouette silhouette trees silo simplicity single single bloom single blossom single grassy plant single open tulip blossom single pink and yellow single sunflower single white blossom sinnage sitting on fence sitting on large boulder sitting on nest sitting on post sitting on stump sitting on the nest sitting upright six six mile run sixmile sixmile run skill skills sky sky2 skyline sled dog sled pulling slide scans slipper small business small business owner small new england lake small pond small pond foreground small red barn small stream small waterfall smiling smoking chimney smooth fox terrier statue snake snakereptiledangerousnaturenatural snoe snoeshoe pa. snoeshoe pennsylania snoeshoe pennsylvania snow snow covered snow covered fields snow covered rocks snow covered stone walls snow covered trees snow in foreground snow squalls snow storm snow tubing snowicewater snowing snowshoe pennsylvania snowy snowy path snowy white owl soap soft soft coal soft effect soft flowing water soft light soft pink soft purple soft white clouds solitude somerset somerset reservoir somerset reservoir vermont somerset resevoir somerset vermont son sourthern southern southern main southern maine southern vermont southern vermont view southern vermont.beautiful summer day spangled sparrow spectators spider spider wasp spider wasp auplopus mellipes sping spinustristis spirit spirit animal splashdown split rail fence splitrail fence splitting tools sport spotted spring spring waterfall spruce forest squirrel squirrel2 squirrel3 squirrels st. bernard dog st. marys lake stand standard poodle standing standing guard standing in grass standing in snow standing in the tub standing on a log standing on a rock standing on the ground standing one foot on log staring starling stat state state park stately stately. statue of israel putnam esq steam steed steel construction steel girders steel span steep trail still still life stillife stilllife stillness stita stita carolinisis stoc stock ph stock photo stock photograph stock photography stone stone monument stone wall stone walls stonington connecticut storm clouds stormy day straight away stream stream2 strength striking posture strip mining stump stump3 stump4 style su suflower sugar sulfur sulp sulpho sulphor sulphur sulphur swamp summer summer afternoon summer day summer evenining summer fun summer sunny day summit summit mt.washington sun sun flower field sun light sunbathing sunbeam sunflower sunflowers sunny sunny afternoon sunny day sunny day rustysmithphoto sunny day. sunny fall day sunny summer day sunny winter day sunny with storm clouds sunnyday sunrise sunset sunset sky sunshine super super moon surf surrounded by lush green susans susquehanna river suv swallowtail papilionidae swamp swan swan in pond swans sweet williams swift swift river swift river covered bridge swift river.scenic view swimmin hole swimming swimming alone swimming hole swimming together swimming toghether swimmming swirling pool sylvilagus symbol tailed tailedfawn tails taking photograph taking photographs taking pictures talking tamias striatus tamiasciurus hudsonicus teaching teenage boy teenage girl ten ducklings texas longhorn cow. text textile mill texture the cat o' nine tails plant the coast redwood the flume the old days thompson connecticut thompson lake thompson lake connecticut thompson lake ct. connecticut three three adult canadian geese three blue engines three boats three deisel engines three does three ducklings three elk three horse hitch three horses three men three red leaves three sheep three water snakes on a log three waterfalls three women tied to dock tied to shore time tiny flower titmouse to swans swimming together toads togethe tomahawk pines camp tongue out tour boat tourism tourist tourist attraction tower towhee tractor trailor trail trail horse trail riding trail up mt. washington trailhorse trails train train engineer train tressle trainer training morgan horse on a lunge line training wheels tram tranportation tranquill transportation travel travelway tree tree covered hill tree house treehouse trees tri trick falls trinity trinity parish church tripod trolley car trotting through pastuure trou trough trough creek trough creek state park trout trout park trout stream trucks tub tubing on river tuffy tuffy canine tufted tufted titmouse tulip tulip tree blossom tulip tree blossoms tulips tunnel turdus migratorius turkey turtle twins two two adult geese two adults two american toads two boys two brown horses two canada geese two canadian geese two canoes two cows two draft horses two geese two horses two lane road two locomotives on cog railway two male mallards two mallard ducks. two medicine two medicine lake two medicine river two men two mourning doves in bird bath two pair mallards two pink flowers two red roses two sealions two teenage boys two trains two water lilly blossoms two wheeled buggy two white tailed fawns two young boys two young gray squirrels two young men two young women horseback riding typha latifolia tyrannus tyrone unicorn hitch union connecticut union ct. unsolved environmental problem unused road upper class upside down urban urban wildlife ursus americanus ursus arctos horribilis vacation vacationland valley valley near tyrone pa. valley railroad is a heritage based in connecticut vanner vanners veariegated fritillary vegetation vegetation on old stump vehicle velvet velvet antlers venom vermont vermont farm vermont institute of natural science vert 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